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Making Moves in 2024

by Posted on November 29, 2023

Are you considering selling your home in 2024, and purchasing a new one?

Here are five things you can do now to set yourself up for success!
  1. Start depersonalizing your home. Pack the family portraits, any religious or political items, and any decor that has your family name on it. Buyers want to visualize THEIR stuff throughout the home when they walk through, and providing a blank slate will ensure their ability to do so.
  2. Pack for success. Go ahead and go through your attic, garage, closets, & any other storage spaces now! It’s a good time to purge and donate any items you do not want or need to take with you to your next home. Items you are keeping should be packed into tidy boxes and can usually be stored in the garage or basement (ask your Realtor what’s best for your home).
  3. Service your systems. Check in with your HVAC technician and have them do a once over on your system. Install new filters and be sure things are working properly to reduce the chances of running into a surprise while under contract. Take stock of any repairs that need to be done before you list, and be prepared to have a conversation with your agent about them and the best way to handle them. In some cases, repairing items before listing makes sense while sometimes disclosure is enough.
  4. Start thinking about where you want to move. If you are local, go ahead and drive through the neighborhoods that are appealing to you! Familiarize yourself with the proximity of the homes you are interested in and the things you like to do. This will help when the time comes for you and your agent to actually begin looking at homes. If you are not local, begin researching different areas near where you are headed that appeal to you.
  5. Go ahead and speak with your Realtor & lender now, to make a game plan! Knowing your buying power is so important in this ever-changing market. Be sure to ask your lender what the monthly payment looks like after they’ve given you a budget. Have your Realtor walk you through what your options are when it comes to selling and buying at the same time. Establish a timeline based on your perfect world and the knowledge you gain from speaking with your team. Ask questions and become comfortable with what that plan looks like so you are ready to make moves when the time comes!

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By Jessica Moore