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Getting Started with Downsizing

by Posted on January 2, 2024

Downsizing can be an exciting part of retirement and maximizing the enjoyment of your senior years. Being proactive and planning properly can make the process so much easier and lets you be in charge of your plan. Factors like stairs, cleaning, yard work, maintenance, and health are all things to fast forward in your mind when you think of spending the rest of your time in your current home. Will you still want the upkeep of a large house in ten years? Would you rather spend that time doing things you enjoy? Will your house still be a safe fit in the future if you or a loved one have health complications arise? 

If you think that down the road you may want to look at downsizing, there are a few different options you can consider. One great option is to move to a new home better suited for your current lifestyle. Maybe you want to travel and don’t want to worry about leaving your house empty or you are sick of carrying laundry up and down stairs. Perhaps you want to live closer to family, friends, or resources. Take a look at different locations and start a list of criteria that you want in your new home. A picture of your next move should start to form. 

Look at retirement living communities. Just like any other neighborhood, retirement communities vary greatly and they all offer something a little different. They can be great if you don’t want any home maintenance, desire social interaction options, or seek other amenities. These include options for buying into a community as well as rental communities that generally have a lower price for entry. If needed, moving into assisted living is a step many need to take.. At some point, a lot of us will need help and it may be more than we can get in the home. Living in an assisted living community offers both the safety of having the help needed with the added bonus of comfort and convenience. Many of these communities are on an extensive years long wait list so if this is the option you see yourself pursuing it can be essential to plan far in advance. 

The important part is to put a plan in place for when the time is right. If you have an emergency and the decisions have to be made there and then, it can considerably limit both your options and your control over the situation. As you start looking at your future options, be they one year or ten years out, it is a good idea to reach out to a trusted Realtor to help you formulate a plan that works for your vision, a skilled agent will be able to help with decluttering and downsizing, getting your house ready, understanding the move options, and help with allied resources to make it a reality.

-Jennifer Brandenburg